Stray Flux EP

by Chagall

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Chagall is a vocalist, songwriter and electronic music producer from Amsterdam living in London. After the tantalising live video for Sappho Song where we saw Chagall manipulating complex vocal harmonies with the groundbreaking gloves, she now presents her 4-track EP 'Stray Flux', created from under her mezzanine bed in South London ('the beddio’).


released June 29, 2015

all songs written, produced and performed by Chagall

additional production by Royce Wood Junior on Hidden.

TMTL & Bogota mixed by Adam Stark
Hidden & Diva Unchained mixed by Lukas Morawski

Photography by Eduardo Fitch


all rights reserved



Chagall London, UK

Chagall is an independent Amsterdam-born, London-based electronic music producer, songwriter, singer, performer, early adopter of the gloves and now also Virtual Reality creator. In her futuristic audio-visual live set with gloves and effective choreography Chagall controls all electronic layers, vocal effects and interactive visuals with the movement of her hands. ... more

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Track Name: TMTL
I'll live at the bottom of the sea if you want
secrets, you unravel all of me
what do you want?
am I fake to try?
uncredible if I don't cry?
will he stop listening
just because I am around

too much too little
too far too close
is there something in the middle
'cause I don't wanna lose

room shrinks by the minute
ceiling drops from within us
can we get an egg to balance?
can we get the knot untied?

am I fake to try
have I faith in the wrong guy?
will he stop listening
just because I am around
Track Name: Hidden
how this night is still and sweet
with flowers on every tree
peace comes to them on quiet feet,
but it doesn’t come to me.

I just listen to his heart beat,
right under my cheek
I hear it so it must be in there,
it's so hard to see

how warm the air feels to my skin
in the trees the crickets sing
peace comes to every living thing
but it doesn’t come to him

his peace is hidden with his fate
next to his song and keys
love’s hidden in a lonely place
will it ever be in me?
Track Name: Diva Unchained
armed with my two edged sword
that seems to get sharper every day
another diva unchained
I opened an open gate
that led to the gravel of my home
I gave my heart to a stone

loss has honesty to sell
spend it well
look at you now
just look at you now
love’s a currency itself
all that wealth
I want it right now
I want it right now

‘don’t listen to what anyone says’
made me tread but never moved
now I’m ready to run
lessons learnt so many fought
I’d rather mine than pan for gold
it’s nothing more than an stone

I’ve given my heart to a stone....
Track Name: Bogota
fearing all the footsteps that were yours alone
shield you from the lonely threat that lived behind the door
tales of being as surprised when the love deceased
cause sometimes the truth can be as useless as jealousy

tied to keep my eye on you
in Bogota, we're lives apart
times of need, I need them too
taking care was never hard

let me wear your hair when it's longest
let me wear your hair…. when it's longest

vanished have the days of childhood symmetry
space expands while morals bend to polar gravities
high now is your body, never looked like mine
ageing, make us meet again from genesis exiled

fight to keep my mind in you
in Bogota, we're lies apart
time you need, I need you too
taking care was never hard

let me bear your head when it’s lawless
let me bear your head…. when it’s lawless

let me wear your hair when it's longest
let me wear your hair…. when it's lawless
let me bear your head when it’s lawless
let me bear your head…. when it’s lawless

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